Welding Technologies

Program Competencies

Welding Technologies is not for the faint of heart.  Using torches that are hotter than the surface of the sun, SST Welding students practice the many skills needed for a successful career in the metal trade industries.  

Students spend their first year in the program learning workplace safety, electric arc welding, oxyacetylene and plasma cutting, brazing, soldering and blueprint reading.  In the second year, they improve their skills by working with different alloys such as aluminum, stainless steel and cast iron, and expand their competencies by practicing different welding techniques in a variety of positions.

The SST Welding program serves as a functioning metal fabrication and repair shop. Students complete actual jobs brought to the program by members of the seacoast community.  

It is possible for students to earn their OSHA safety training certificate, and by the completion of the program will have enough experience to take and pass the certification tests in GMAW (MIG), SMAW (Stick) and GTAW (TIG) welding.

SST's welders compete in  SkillsUSA local and national competitions, which helps to build leadership and professional skills.  Upon graduation, many students choose to continue their education at highly-respected colleges and training programs throughout the U.S.