[Prerequisite - Algebra 1]

Capitalizing on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education initiative, Pre-Engineering is a series of four semester courses which can be taken in sequence (recommended), or as stand-alone classes.

First-Year Courses - 2 semester-based courses

  • Introduction to Engineering Design (offered semester 1) teaches students the product design, analysis and improvement processes.  Working with their own inventions, students use the 3-D design software Inventor, learn how to create and read technical drawings, and study the process of taking a product from concept to manufacture.

  • Principles of Engineering (offered semester 2), explores engineering ethics, communication, physical principles and measurement, and the social and political consequences of technological change through hands-on projects and professional exploration.

Second-Year Courses - 2 semester-based courses

  • Digital Electronics (offered semester 1) investigates the ways that robots make decisions, calculators compute and other ways that machines "think."  Students use applied logic to explore electronics, digital systems, engineering design and to develop troubleshooting techniques.

  • Civil Engineering & Architecture (offered semester 2) explores the ways that buildings, dams, bridges, roads and other man-made structures affect the way we live.  Through a series of hands-on projects and guest speakers with expertise in architectural design, sustainable building practices, surveying, city planning, structural engineering, and a variety of other topics, students get a behind-the-scenes look at the complex infrastructure of modern life.

SST's Pre-Engineering students compete in  SkillsUSA local and national competitions, which helps to build leadership and professional skills. Upon graduation, many students choose to continue their education at highly-respected colleges and training programs throughout the U.S.